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Rien MacDonald: We are all imposters. Have some self-compassion and jump into the arena

October 5, 2021

Hey there, my wise friends and welcome to Episode 37 of The Collective Wisdom Podcast, which is all about hope in the face of challenge. My guest today is Rien Macdonald and, it's true to say he's been facing a few challenges of his own lately, having lost his job and living in Melbourne where lockdown continues and the obvious challenges that presents. In fact, we wanted to make this episode precisely because we recognise just how many people are facing really tough times at the moment. We also talk about mentors, and it is a great chance to reflect on what one of my favourite mentors, Robin Kramer once said to me, which is, “no one got to be where they are today alone.” So this is a chance to thank the mentors in my life, and I know Rien has also been really grateful for the support he's received in helping him to get started with his new business. It's also true that as my lovely friend Melissa Camilleri says, “we rise by lifting others.” So having the opportunity to help someone always has a positive impact. I hope that Rien’`s positive energy and his amazing stories help make your day a bit brighter.


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Wisdom: We are all imposters. Have some self compassion and jump into the arena




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