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Erica Danielle: There is only you. You get to love yourself free.

Erica Danielle: There is only you. You get to love yourself free.

June 28, 2022

Hey there, my wise friends and thanks so much for joining me for what promises to be a really enriching and heartwarming conversation with Erica Danielle today. Who, as well as being a coach is also a spiritual teacher, and an all round gem of a person. Do you ever look down a kaleidoscope and see all those shapes and colours, shift and form ever changing patterns and formations. I have one on my desk and I spend way too long staring down if I'm not careful. But it occurred to me today that the reason I love this podcast so much is that each person I add to the collection brings a new perspective and adds to the rich diversity that goes to make up the whole. As I was listening to Erica, I was reminded of a word I learned a couple of years back, Sonder, which is used to describe that feeling we have when we realise that everybody, even strangers passing by, are leading a life as rich and as complex as our own. We all experience the world in completely unique ways. But we sometimes assume that everyone else feels just the same way we do. And as I was listening to Erica’s story, I found myself wondering if I would have had an ounce of her strength and courage in the same circumstances. But what's really clear is that she's found a path to move beyond being a victim to a place of complete freedom. It's a truly remarkable story and I'm really so grateful to Erica for sharing it with me.







Song: Cranes in the Sky by Solange


Wisdom: ‘There is only you. You get to love yourself free’

Anthony Brum: Follow your Bliss

Anthony Brum: Follow your Bliss

June 21, 2022

Hey there, my wise friends and thank you so much for joining me on Collective Wisdom, which this week is a bit of a personal one, as I have my brother-in-law, Antony Brum joining me. As well as being a structural engineer, he is also a creative writer, and has two novels to his name so far. I was really thrilled for him when recently he was selected to have one of his short stories read out on the radio, Love Loss and a Library is such a great story that shows just what a difference a little bit of empathy and kindness can make in the lives of others. So, it was a no brainer that I invited Anthony to tell me all about it. And we also included a recording of the story for you to listen to after the interview, as you'll hear, with three children and a full-on engineering role, it's not always easy to carve out the time to do these projects. But it brings him such joy that it always makes it worth it. He also talks very touchingly about his parents, and in particular his mum Gabe who is now 90 and having some health struggles. I really hope that when she hears this, it will lift her spirits and be a source of pride for a job well done on raising her own children. And as ever, having shared stories, I now know where Ant gets his own generosity of spirit and willingness to see the best in people. Enjoy


Anthony Brum on LinkedIn


Imbrium City: The RIse of the New Defenders


A Millionaire, An Artist, A Seduction by Remi Mariano


Guest post: Sci-Fi warns us we are all doomed, but let’s enjoy the ride by Anthony Brum - SFFWorld


The Serpent and the Squid

Ulla Raaf - ‘Pursuit as happiness. Never stop evolving and learning something new’

Ulla Raaf - ‘Pursuit as happiness. Never stop evolving and learning something new’

June 14, 2022

Hey there, my wise friends and a warm welcome to Collective Wisdom, where we really do celebrate the power of listening to promote and encourage expansive thinking in those around us, which is what makes today's guest Ulla Raaf such a great fit. Ulla is an author and designer, coach and consultant who designed tools that help people master communication and how to have crucial conversations in a world fraught with conflict. As you'll hear, as I was reading out Ulla’s own mission statement, I found that it brought me to tears, often a sign that I'm hearing something that is a resounding truth for me, it was tempting to edit out the emotion and present the polished final version. But I decided in the end to do something very rare for me and ship the honest, messy version, where I can't quite hold it together. Something I think we're all too conditioned to do when we feel emotion is to pull ourselves together and move on. And as you'll hear, that's not quite what I did. So now I'll hand you over to Ulla, I'm just so grateful to her for bringing all of this to light and for sharing it with us here today.


Ulla Raaf's website


Ulla Raaf on LinkedIn


Sam Maher - New York Subway Hand Pan Performance


Song: Sam Maher - New York


Wisdom: Find a pursuit that brings you happiness. Never stop learning something new.

Scott Perry: Think of yourself as dead. Now take your life and live it properly.

Scott Perry: Think of yourself as dead. Now take your life and live it properly.

June 7, 2022

Hey there, my wise friends and welcome to episode 62 of collective wisdom. And I'm feeling like there's a lot of magic in the air today. I'm recording this episode on the first of June, which is the Eve the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, which, whether you're a royalist or not, I think you have to congratulate the queen on an incredible 70 years of service.

My guest this week is the fabulous Scott Perry. He's a coach, who, through his brand Creative on Purpose helps his clients who are in the main in the fab at 50 Club, to craft the best third act of their life as he puts it, and really live their legacy rather than leaving it after they're gone. We talk about the passage of time and that affect that knowing that we're all mortal has on our creative drive. Scott has some fascinating ideas to share about how to spark your own creativity and get intentional about that phase in your life when you've already been over there and done some of this and a little bit of that. And now you really can lean into becoming more of you, comfortable in the knowledge that all the lessons you've learned and the trips around the block are going to come in very handy going forward. I knew I'd love this conversation, and I'm pretty sure you will too.


Creative on Purpose with Scott Perry


'Onward: Where certainty ends possibility begins' by Scott Perry


'Endeavour: Cultivate excellence while making a difference'  by Scott Perry'


Bittersweet: How sorrow and longing make us whole' by Susan Cain


Song ‘So What’ by Miles Davis


Blue Skies - Django Reinhardt


Albinoni: Adagio in G Minor


Wisdom: ‘Think of yourself as dead. Now take your life and live it properly’


Albinoni: Adagio in G Minor

Stacy Richards: In 50 years no-one will know the difference - Lessons in the ’Real Skills’ you weren’t taught at school

Stacy Richards: In 50 years no-one will know the difference - Lessons in the ’Real Skills’ you weren’t taught at school

May 31, 2022

Hey there my wise friends and a warm welcome to Season Seven of Collective Wisdom. With me this week I have my friend Stacy Richards, who as well as having a 20-year career in sales now has a coaching practice where she leans into her passion for helping young professionals develop the real skills that they'll need to build a happy and fulfilling career. Skills like empathy, resilience, active listening, and building and maintaining relationships that are so key to engagement and success in the workplace. We're entering a world of work that in many ways has undergone complete transformation. Over the past few years, many organisations are blindly trying to work out how to be profitable but at the same time diverse, inclusive and equitable. So, this episode is for anyone who is currently about to graduate or perhaps their parents who are supporting children as they go out into the world of work. I know that certainly includes me and I'm so grateful to Stacey for joining me to share her wisdom. I could definitely have stayed and chatted for a lot longer.


Oyster Reef Coaching


The Conscious Way Forward


Linchpin by Seth Godin


Song: ‘Summer Highland Falls’ by Billy Joel.


Wisdom: In 50 years no-one will know the difference.

Jeanette Walker: Surrender to your creativity

Jeanette Walker: Surrender to your creativity

May 10, 2022

Hey there, my wise friends and welcome to the final episode of season six, which, if you'll excuse the pun is a real gem of an episode as I have with me, my lovely friend and master goldsmith, Jeanette Walker. It struck me last summer that of all the fabulous guests I've had on the show, none of them have been from the jewellery world that I inhabited for over 10 years. So, I reached out to Jeanette with a view to asking her if she'd come on the show and talk about her work. But at the time, she was in a bit of a struggle with her health, and with the weight of all the responsibilities of running her business. She kind of lost touch with that creative drive that had always fueled her. And it was clearly not a good time to go on a podcast. But instead, we set aside some time for some coaching sessions. And I'm happy to say that taking the time to reflect on her energy, and what was feeling heavy, and then revisiting all the things that had always been a source of inspiration for Jeanette, release something. There was a complete shift, and what came out was a reconnection, with all the things that mattered to her. I think that's where you'll find motivation and a whole new sense of possibility, and the momentum to take you to somewhere new. As you'll hear from this conversation, the more you open up to your own creative drive, the more energised and the better you'll feel. And you'll also get a real sense of just what a gem of a person Jeanette is herself, and why it's so fitting that she's a jewellery designer.


Jeanette Walker Master Goldsmith


Jeanette Walker Jewellery on Instagram @jwalkjewellery


Wisdom: Surrender to your creativity




‘Water’ by Johnny Flynn


‘Woodstock’ by Joni Mitchell


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Chris Hall-Franzkowiak: Consistency is the key to success

Chris Hall-Franzkowiak: Consistency is the key to success

May 3, 2022

Hey there, my wise friends and welcome to episode 59 of Collective Wisdom. I've got a really great guest for you today, if you're at all interested in hosting your own podcast, as I'm joined by my producer, Chris. We talk about all the things you'll need to do to get your podcast off the ground, including my number one tip, which is to find a good producer. Not only to ensure the sound quality is as good as it can be, but also if like me, you need an accountability partner to just keep you on track. Chris is such a lovely guy, and as you'll hear, he really knows his stuff.
We talk about everything from equipment to use, to some of the best ways to monetize your podcast. And Chris has very generously shared a recording setup guide, which you can download from the link in the show notes. I know that although he spends a lot of time on the production side, being on the interview side of the mic is a new experience for Chris, but I think you'll agree when you hear it. He's a complete natural


Between Tracks Media Productions Website


Chris's Recording Set Up Guide for Podcasters


Shure microphones


Rode Microphones


Song: ‘How to disappear completely’ by Radiohead


Wisdom: Consistently take baby steps towards your goals. Consistency is the key to success.

Fiona Ross: ‘Be a giant at whatever you do. Don’t live small’

Fiona Ross: ‘Be a giant at whatever you do. Don’t live small’

April 26, 2022

Hi there, my wise and beautiful friends. It's great to be back with you after the Easter break. And thanks so much for joining me for episode 57 of Collective Wisdom, which is all about men and masculine roles. It's a subject we really can't afford to ignore, given that the highest cause of death in men under 50, in the western world is suicide. And in a world where there are some pretty toxic masculine role models asserting their power in ways that are so catastrophic for society in general, it's really something that's been front of mind for me lately. So I turned to my friend Fiona Ross has been noticing all of this too for a long while now. And that's what called her to become a coach for men, creating a safe space for them to redefine the rigid masculine roles that can destroy lives and wreak havoc on relationships. Fiona also shares some information about a very special event she's hosting at the end of April with a coach Steve Hardison, who you may never have heard of, but who is legendary in the field of professional development. But who one client, Iyanla Vanzant, very famously said, “If I had one gift that I could give to every human being on the planet, it would be to have a coaching experience with Steve Hardison.” Wow, that's some testimonial. So, I will leave Fiona to explain the details of the event, which is happening at the end of April in London. Your opportunity, perhaps ,to meet someone absolutely amazing. But for me, I'm going to settle for my conversation with Fiona, who is also pretty amazing and which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I think you will too.


Fiona Ross




Song: ‘All that I am’ by Rob Thomas


Song: ‘Start me up’ by The Rolling Stones


Wisdom: ‘Be a giant in everything you do. Don’t live small’

Claudia Brose: Trust yourself. it will all work out in the end.

Claudia Brose: Trust yourself. it will all work out in the end.

March 29, 2022

Hey there, my wise friends and welcome to episode 57 of Collective Wisdom, which I'm recording on a beautiful spring day. It's been glorious all week. It's the sort of day that makes you think that sunshine is here to stay for at least the next four months. But whilst that may not turn out to be completely the case, it is so good just to feel the warmth of it on your face. And the other best thing about this time of year is seeing the first baby lambs bouncing about in the fields. I'm pretty sure that's why they have Mother's Day at this time of year, some sort of inspiration from those Mummy Sheep. So, a big shout out to Sheila and Sue the two mums in my life, and to my sisters who are all pretty cool mums themselves. This week is all about attention as my guest, Claudia Brose, has spent the last few years delving into the idea that where our attention goes, energy flows. So, we should all be paying careful attention to who and what we choose to gift with our attention. This is such an important conversation given the advent of social media and all the distraction it provides, distracting us perhaps sometimes from the stuff that is actually way more important. In the end, she talks at the end of our conversation about the power of being out in nature, and paying real attention to what we can hear listening to the birds singing and the wind in the trees. And I think that's where she gets her sense of groundedness. It's a powerful reminder of how getting back into nature can help us reconnect with ourselves. So I hope that the sun is shining where you are. And you can take a moment to appreciate all those signs of new growth around us at the moment. Enjoy the conversation.


Claudia Brose’s writing on Medium:


The Photo Acamdemy:




Cat's Fundraiser for CHOOSE LOVE to support refugees from Ukraine


ENOUGH: Unlock a life of abundance starting right where you are


Music: Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel


Wisdom: Trust yourself. It will all work out in the end.


Any Other

Will Williams: How to embrace the elegant simplicity of life with meditation and mindfulness

Will Williams: How to embrace the elegant simplicity of life with meditation and mindfulness

March 22, 2022

Hey there, my wise friends and welcome to episode 56 of Collective Wisdom, which this week is all about meditation and mindfulness. Whether you've never tried meditation before, or you've been practising this ancient art form for many, many years, I think you'll find what my guest Will Williams has to say about the subject. Will founded Beeja meditation in London over 10 years ago, and has since gone on to build a whole community of people, myself included, who have experienced firsthand the benefits of taking some time out during the day to reset. It's such a simple technique, and yet the overall impact is huge. I'm actually recording this intro from the wonderful city of Reykjavik in Iceland, as I'm here on a weekend break, organised by my lovely friend Kathy. It's been an amazing trip. So far, Iceland is such a fascinating landscape full of volcanoes, glaciers and geothermal pools. But it's the people of Iceland who have been so welcoming and hospitable, that have made our visit all the more special. I highly recommend it if you get the chance to visit and do drop me a note if you'd like any restaurant recommendations, the food has been amazing. And as ever, I've been reminded of the power of sharing stories to connect us all. As I've met some wonderful new friends on this trip. If you're new to Collective Wisdom, thanks so much for joining us, for what I'm sure you'll find is a really inspiring conversation. And one that if it does prompt you to give meditation ago might even change your life for the better


Beeja Meditation Website


Use the Code GLOBAL15 for 15% off your first Beeja Mediation course.


Choose Love campaign raising money to support Ukrainian refugees


Song: ‘’Across the Universe’ by The Beatles


Wisdom: Use the tools you have to embrace the elegant simplicity of the universe. 

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